Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated Stereo Amplifier – SilverGold

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Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated Stereo Amplifier – SilverGold
Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated Stereo Amplifier - SilverGold (Rear)Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated Stereo Amplifier - SilverGold (Remote)



3 Year Warranty

  • SilverGold
  • Collectors Item
    • Individually Numbered & Limited To 1000 Sets
      • 500 Black & 500 SilverGold
    • Celebrating Ken Ishiwata’s 40 Years At Marantz
      • Laser-Engraved ‘Ken Ishiwata’ Signature & Ruby Motif
  • Engineered & Extensively Tuned By A Team Led By Ken Ishiwata, Drawing On More Than 65 Years Of Marantz Amplifier Design Knowledge
  • 100W Per Channel Into 8ohm Speakers
    • 200W Per Channel Into 4 Ohm Speakers
  • Marantz High-Resolution Preamplifier Stage Using Proprietary HDAM Technology
  • Switching Power Amplifier Design Derived From Marantz’s Flagship PM-10 Amplifier
  • Fully-Discrete Two-Stage Design For Signal Purity, With Separate Power Supplies For Preamp & Power Amplifier Sections To Reduce Interference
  • Toroidal Transformer Dedicated To Preamp For Clarity & Precision Sound
  • Current Feedback Design With Newly Developed Wide-Range Circuitry
  • HDAM ® SA3 Circuitry For Clean Signal & Optimal Dynamics
  • MM/MC Phono Input with New Discrete Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ Circuit
  • Thick Nickel Plated Independent Input Terminals For CD & Phono & Marantz Original High Quality/High Purity Copper Speaker Terminals
    • Phono MC/MM Input
    • CD Input
    • 4 Stereo RCA Inputs
    • 2 Stereo RCA Outputs
    • Power Amp In
      • Use PM-KI Ruby As A 2-Channel Power Amplifier For a Surround Sound Set-Up
  • Dedicated Headphone Amplifier
    • All Discrete Construction with HDAM-SA2
    • 6.35mm Headphone Output
  • Pure Analog Design
    • Marantz Implemented The DAC Into The SA-KI Ruby SACD Player Eliminating Interference With The Delicate Analog Signals Passing Through The Amplifier, Maintaining An Analog Environment That’s As Pure & Clean As Possible
  • Linear Volume Control with New Electric Volume System
  • High Quality Construction with Double-Layer Chassis, 5mm Thick Aluminium Top Lid, Solid Aluminium Front & Copper Plated Chassis
  • Low Noise OLED Display
  • Remote Control
  • Height: 12.7cm, Width: 44cm, Depth: 45.3cm
  • Weight: 15.7Kg

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