REL AirShip Wireless Transmitter For S/510, S/812 & 212/SX Subwoofers


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  • Black
  • Designed For REL Models 212/SX, S/510 & S/812
    • Compatible with REL G1 MKII
    • AirShip Can Also Be Used For High or Low Level & .1/LFE Wireless Connections For Subwoofers From Other Manufacturers
    • Only The REL 212/SX, S/510 & S/812 Are Designed To Have The Receiver Bolt Onto The Back Amp Panel
  • Ultra-High Quality Wireless
    • REL Pride Themselves On Their Ability To Deliver Extremely High Levels Of Sound Quality & Rock Solid Wireless Connection Protocols Since Their First Wireless Design Over A Decade Ago
    • AirShip Surpasses Any Earlier Design By Using A 5.8 Gigahertz Signal, A Frequency Previously Reserved For Military Use By The US Military & NATO
      • It Results In The Fastest, More Transparent Wireless Design The REL Team Has Ever Experienced & Verges On Hardwired Transparency Level
  • Freedom Of Placement
    • This Freedom Permits Ultra-High Performance Without The Cumbersome Tether Of A Cable, Allowing A Careful Placement Without Being Limited By The Length Of A Wire & Can Lead To A Better Sound, Less Cluttered Experience
    • Gives You The Ability To Place Subwoofers In Distant Corners, Along Glass Walls, Or On Hardwood Floors Where A Cable Would Otherwise Destroy The Effect
  • AirShip Permits Simultaneous Distribution Of REL’s Vaunted High-Level Connection & The .1/LFE Needed For High Quality Theatre
    • In This Way, Both 2-Channel Music & Multi-Channel Theatre Are Supported Without The Need For Connecting & Disconnecting One’s REL
    • The High-Level Input Is Designed To Accept The Stereo (Two-Channel) Signals From The Speaker Terminals Of Your Receiver Or Amplifier
      • This Has The Advantage Of Ensuring That Your Subwoofer Receives Exactly The Same Signal As The Main Speakers, Which Means That The Character Of The Bass From The Main System Is Carried Forward Into The Sub-Bass System
    • The .1/LFE Circuit Is Granted Its Own Dedicated Wireless Channel Which Allows For The Largest, Most Dynamic Special Effects n Theatre To Be Properly Replicated In All Their Glory
  • Fast, Simple Pairing
    • Takes Less Than 20 Seconds To Get Working
    • No Laptops Or Apps Are Required

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